English exam n 3

اذهب الى الأسفل

English exam n 3

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3AM level arzew
School year :

3rd English exam
There was a man talking to an angry woman outside the post-office. The man was wearing a uniform and a helmet. the uniform was blue and the helmet was black. He was the policeman.
The angry woman was shouting and pointing at a young man. The young man was running towards a bus. He was holding the woman’s bag in his hand. The bag was open and objects were falling out of it.
The bus –driver opened the door. As soon as the running man got into the bus, the driver closed the door and stopped the engine………..
Part one
Section one: Reading comprehension ( 7 points )
Read the text and answer these questions: ( 5 points)
1-Where did the scene take place?
2-How many characters are there? Who are they?
3-What do the underlined words refer to:
Words Refer to
It ……….
4-give a suitable title to this text.
Lexis: ( 2 points )
a-Find in the text words corresponding to this definition: ( 0.5 point)
A person who catches the thieves =……………
b-Find in the text words equivalent in meaning to: ( 0.5 point )
unhappy =…….
c- Find in the text words opposites in meaning to: ( 1 point )
Inside #...... Shut #........
Section two: Mastery of language ( 7 points )
1-Read the text again and list the verbs who are in the past continuous.(3.5)
2-Supply punctuation and capital letter: ( 2.5 pts)
-the bus driver stopped the engine he caught the young man
Write the silent letter of these words: know /caught ( 1point )
Part two: Situation of integration : ( 6 points )Read the text again and imagine what has happened to the young man at the end. write a paragraph about

Good luck

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